As one of the most used man-made resources on the planet, concrete is resource and energy dependent, contributing significantly to global greenhouse gas emissions. While many alternative concrete mixes seek to reduce emissions by using fly ash, glass, or other additives to replace some or all of the clinker, they still require considerable heat and water to create the finished product. At RIS we are producing a green alternative to concrete made of recycled glass, rubber, and using either epoxy or organic binders based on tree nut oils. Neither of which require heat nor water to prepare. With a fast setup time, wider application temperature range, and up to 85% recycled content, it outperforms concrete in many ways. Testing shows that our concrete repair and replacement products resist cracking, repel water, and are less susceptible to thermal expansion/contraction from freeze/thaw cycles than Portland cement. This product has the same applications as concrete and asphalt such as surfacing material, crack filler, molded products, form-on-site products, and building construction

 Examples of Application:

A crew works to repair a well-traveled bridge.


 Before and after images of a crack repair.