Between December 2013 and June 2016, Patrick worked with renowned PHD scientist and industry experts to develop the initial formulations of a set of binders to incorporate rubber and glass for several product configurations. The scope of work was to move from a permanent molded sectional curb to a large scale proprietary binder formulation for mass cast dimensional rubber/glass products while developing alternative production approaches for both factory and field applications.

Working with commercially available binder products the team reformulated new binders that increase flexural capabilities, water proofing, and bonding strengths. The current binders developed show great performance with a temperature-tolerant cure times, allowing for concrete/crack/pothole repair to be performed as low as 30° F. The binders, when mixed with rubber and glass also demonstrated impressive yield strength, sustaining 20,000 PSI without failing. This was determined during a field testing. Continued research is ongoing to develop custom solutions for specific customer needs and applications..