Presently Michigan is struggling to meet their state-wide recycling goal. In “Measuring Recycling in the State of Michigan”, published in May of 2015, only about 1.4M tons of recyclable material was captured for reuse, while nearly 8M tons were disposed, netting a recycling rate of approximately 15%, with a goal to bring the rate up to 30% (RRS, 4, 8).

Of the amount of material recycled, 13% was made of glass, and 4% tires (RRS, 15). Tires and glass present a very common, and often difficult product to fully utilize. Renewable Infrastructure Solutions LLC, seeks to take advantage of the surplus of glass and tires from the local region to provide the raw materials for a concrete alternative that combines the crushed glass and crumb rubber with a bio-based or epoxy binder. Since up to 85% of the product uses recycled glass and rubber, the sale of these products could very easily help local communities increase their recycling rate.


As an example, a one-mile section of low-use, non-highway road surfacing 5820 ft x18 ft x1in thick overlay is estimated to use 81 tons of glass, and 12 tons of rubber. Driveway surfacing using this product would use between 1 and 1.75 tons of glass and 500-600 pounds of rubber. In certain applications the glass and/or rubber could be increased by an additional 30%. Using this product as a replacement to traditional concrete applications will capitalize on a key area of recycled products that are currently disposed more often than utilized. 

           Michigan Recycling Coalition


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